Book Review: Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence

June 4, 2019
Occupy Democrats Parody

The incremental push to legalize marijuana might seem, on the surface, and particularly to Libertarians as a positive. Most have evolved to regard the “weed,” related plants and all of its derivatives as medicinal, healthful, and a superior way to “chill” than alcohol.

Alex Berenson embraced many if not all of the notions above, but ultimately found himself on a journey of discovery that brought him to unexpected and profound realizations. I had first heard Alex speak of his new book on Dr. Michael Savage’s program, and was rather surprised by his assertions that young users under 25 were vulnerable to serious long term health consequences including schizophrenia and bipolar disorders.

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Book Review: An Elegant Defense

May 20, 2019
Occupy Democrats Parody

On a recent broadcast of Dr. Michael Savage, a seemingly sharp and sensible NY Times writer was given opportunity to promote his new book on immunology. Dr. Savage is greatly interested and seemed very pleased for the chance to host a discussion on a field that’s very much aligned with his own interest and expertise.

The author, Mr. Matt Richtel, began with a story of a personal friend whom was among the first to experience a significant remission in an otherwise fatal cancer, by defeating cancer’s dirty trick that ordinarily sends “stand down” signals to an immune system that might otherwise attack most any abnormal tissue.

Now he did also caution that the immune system can be something of a pandoras box, and unleashing its powers can also be a dangerous business. The combination of his interesting statements and Dr. Savage’s introduction, definitely had me keenly interested in their conversation and ultimately left me with a desire to learn more. And who wouldn’t want to learn of a possible tweak to turn our own immune system to defeat cancer?

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Stupid Questions: “Why are you so afraid of these people coming here?”

May 20, 2019
Occupy Democrats Parody

The left is basically programmed to ascribe any sensible concerns about unfiltered mass immigration, or a wide variety of other issues to some sort of “fears” that are disconnected from the rationality and logic their narcissism informs guides only “liberal” or “leftist” thoughts.

Whereas much time is spent on our suppressed FaceBook page on the great many concerns, some of our more dedicated trolls still genuinely seem bewildered that anyone would have anything bad to say about “caravans” and whatever else might hop, jump or crawl across an open border.

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The “IRONy” of the Left’s Selective Outrage Over Trump’s Weekend Golf

April 29, 2019
Occupy Democrats Parody

Precious little of Trump’s personal business hasn’t been exploited by main stream media and their audience of fools to mischaracterize Trump’s Presidency. Whereas it’s certainly possible that Trump outperforms Obama’s subpar performance on the golf course, and it’s also likely that Obama spent more of his own larger slice of personal time on a basketball court, or ping pong, most discerning Americans are rather more focussed on his work related performance. And clearly, in this realm, there’s no comparison.

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The Democrat’s Version of “Accepting Results”

April 24, 2019
Updated May 28, 2019
Occupy Democrats Parody

Way back when the election was still as good as rigged to Hillary’s favor, she and her accomplices in the party apparatus media prepared all good Americans that they would be defamed as “a threat to democracy” for any failure in “accepting results.”

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The Naked Truth about TSA Scanners

April 23, 2019
Occupy Democrats Parody

Cute underwear has been created to make the 4th Amendment text appear when walking into one of those TSA “Naked Scanners” as they’ve been called.  Still this mild form of protest against the Martial Law at all airport is ill advised since the minor prank requires an otherwise full exposure to a risk of radiation that, with the help of accomplices in media, is largely underestimated.

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