CNN’s “Stellar Reporters” Come Unglued!

May 24, 2017
Occupy Democrats Parody

Whatever you do… stay on script!  Do not dare attack those “stellar reporters” of CNN!   Here’s where things went horribly wrong:

Apparently the former Navy Seal touched a soft spot when he dared question the apparent practice of CNN and other activist “news” outlets to cite each other on thoroughly discredited notions attributable only to “anonymous sources!”

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 12.02.02 PM media jihad against trump

Now let’s have another perspective on the issue of all that “treason” pinned on Trump:

We’ll let you decide, or if you have better intel, do inform in the comments!

We have come to witness an increasing segment of Democrats that take their “news” from Late Night and The Comedy Channel.  I suppose it should be no surprise that CNN would be making the adjustments to meet the needs of their target audience by going full Comedy News Network.

©2017 Occupy Democrats Parody

My Early Understandings as a “Realist.”

My 24, 2017
Occupy Democrats Parody

Due to indirect exposure to a Secular Humanist education delivered by my elder siblings enrolled in government school, seeds of doubt on the existence of “God” were planted rather early in my childhood.

From the 4th grade I clearly remember that I was seriously questioning all those lessons I had learned in Sunday school.  Well, not so much the “love thy neighbor” ideals, as much as the whole question of whether God made man or man made “God” as means to answer, or at least as a “place” to neatly store away those that couldn’t be satisfactorily answered.

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Democrats’ Duplicitous Messaging on Gun Control

May 23, 2017
Occupy Democrats Parody

One might get the impression that roughly half of Democrats dismiss firearm confiscation concerns as wild, baseless “conspiracy theory,” while the other openly and actively advocates for the violence of a nationwide door to door gun grab.

It can certainly be confusing, and like most of the seemingly contradictory messages reverberated by the left, it’s meant to be.

Fortunately both of the Democrat messages on self defense rights can be readily dismissed as false.  And let’s do that now.

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Netflix is now “Guardian of the Movie Choices”

May 22, 2017
Occupy Democrats Parody

Cassie Jaye’s journey of discovery was more watched on Youtube than Guardians of the Galaxy, and yet Netflix makes it their business to play Guardian of the Movie Choices.

I might have missed what amounts to the Documentary of the Decade “The Red Pill” were it not for a friend handed me a new DVD to take home. I’ve been with Netflix since the days when we received DVDs in the mail. Now I’m discovering that, if they ever were, they are certainly no longer an impartial provider of content based on demand but practicing message control and even outright censorship. I’ll be giving serious consideration to finding a better way to watch movies.

The Red Pill gets 9.5 out of 10. The Red Envelope (Netflix) gets a 0.5 out of 10 for deciding what their audience should be allowed to see.

(more to come pending response from NETFLIX)


©2017 Occupy Democrats Parody

The Liberal Lessons of John Dingell

May 10, 2017
ODP Fan Contributed

The Liberal Lessons
As Taught by (Former) Senate Majority Leader

Lesson 96

Collecting revenue is an important component of Liberal Marxist Progressive philosophy where punishing those who have become winners of life’s lottery and are in the possession of an unfair excess is paramount.1

There is literally nothing we will not consider when striving to relieve the peasant masses of their overabundance. By demonizing CO2, we have even found a way to tax the very air that they breathe.

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EPA Destroys Health, Pipes and Environment with Chloramine

May 10, 2017
Occupy Democrats Parody

In Menlo Park, Denise Johnson Kula was taking her usual hot shower in an apartment she’d rented for at least a decade.  She was lucky that when she passed out she sustained only minor injury, but became, of course, very alarmed about what might be happening to her state of health.

When the same exact thing happened again, she sought out help from her physician.  It was 30 days into a desperate struggle and series of tests when they found a clue.  The water system had just switched their system from conventional chlorine disinfection to a chlorine ammonia replacement called chloramine.

As a renter she had never received any notice of the change, since only property owners were alerted by a mailer by the water system.  And the first and dramatic reaction she suffered was immediately after the change.

Her own doctor who supported her in connecting this change to her experience ultimately received intense pressure to distance himself or face possible responses that might harm his career.  But now comfortable that a repeatable result of showing with and without chloramine demonstrated a connection, Mrs. Johnson-Kula went on to take her case to the EPA and City Hall.

SFPUC was at first receptive to her story and some others she had connected with who all were experiencing severe reactions from drinking, bathing and even laundering in chloramine treated water.  And some EPA scientists were cooperative and fairly acknowledged that there really were NO “human health effect” studies on chloramine.

There’s much more detail on the CCAC website and some groups, but the issue gained national attention and even Erin Brockovich took up the cause of resistance against an EPA involved plan to bring chloramine to every water system nationally.

Erin Brockovich’s 2010 article.

EPA’s stated motive for pushing chloramine is that certain organic compounds react with conventional chlorine to form compounds identified as carcinogens.  Technical their newly established rules do not require chloramine if water systems take more expensive steps to filter out these prior to chlorination.

Still it creates a strong incentive for water systems to choose the cheap option.  Now chloramine can’t be purchased anywhere, and so the two chemicals that any D grade grade school chemistry student knows you should never mix, chlorine and ammonia, are intentionally mixed on site by men in full HAZMAT gear.

Additional savings are realized since the chloramine molecules do not evaporate from the water, but stay from one end of the system to the other.  But then there are a whole lot of downsides:

  1. Chloramine contaminated water amounts to an environmental disaster any time a water main breaks since it results in mass kill offs of amphibians wherever this toxic noxious stew enters nature.
  2. The noxious taste is so odious that even farm animals would favor muddy puddles from the rain to the trough filled with chloramine poisoned tap water.
  3. Unlike conventional chlorine, which could leave a glass of water on a counter by itself without any filtration, chloramine stays.  And it stays through any commercially available residential filtration solution too.  Even reverse osmosis systems can only be expected to reduce chloramine, but the final “RO” water that emerges from your system still contains chloramine.
  4. It’s highly corrosive, so it ruins household plumbing and has even been observed to put turn copper pipes to swiss cheese… with pin hole leaks forming as direct result of interaction with chloramine poisoned tap water.
  5. Homeowners had sued local water municipalities for remedy after having to redo pipes in their entire home, and of course the buddy system and corrupted judges have summarily dismissed ruled in favor of the water monopoly bureaucrats.
  6. Wrapping up a much longer story, the EPA knew full well that:
  7. There are no human health effect studies upon which water consumers can be assured chloramine is safe for anyone.
  8. Many “canary in coal mine” types experience severe and immediate adverse health effects.
  9. Chloramine turns a water line break into an environmental emergency.
  10. It is a poor disinfectant.  So at arbitrarily selected “safe levels” pathogens can and do arrive at the sink end of the water system.
  11. The cancer causing compounds that form by mixing chlorine with organics are replaced by others with chloramine believed to be no less harmful than those chloramine purportedly eliminates.(to be continued)

Note that Los Angeles has been misusing chloramine in their water system since the mid 80’s.  There’s no study yet to connect this to an upward swing in lung cancer while the causes ordinarily have run an opposite trend. With a corrupted Heatlh Department that punishes doctors that independently conclude that chloramine is a culprit for ANY health reaction, we obviously cannot expect any funding to direct to the studies that should be pursued.

©2017 Occupy Democrats Parody


How my COBRA went from $420 to $1700 under Obamacare.

May 5, 2017
Occupy Democrats Parody

Originally my employer subsidized both my individual health insurance AND coverage for my family.  I had moved from my wife’s benefit to my own as she was working as a contractor for a time.

A modest amount was withheld from each paycheck and nothing was all that extraordinary.  Once Obamacare regulations made into effect, my company was forced to make some hard choices.
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