Las Vegas Massacre, Exploring the Facts

October 3, 2017
Updated October 16, 2017

Occupy Democrats Parody

Mainstream Media appears to be doing more coverup than coverage of the horrid Democrat made massacre in Las Vegas.

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We’ll be updating this page to offer the pieces that are either obscured, omitted or misreported by the disinformation campaign that directs most of TV, radio and other relics of old media.

We’ll start with a quick summation by the great Paul Joseph Watson.

We’ll provide regular updates as we do our own best to extract however many grains of truth from the ocean of media lies.  Any contributions of your own that you might like to share in the comments will be much appreciated.

WND Makes Assessment of Range of Possible Motives

October 5, 2017  NEW DISCOVERIES

There’s a new theory that, based on what we’ve learned so far appears to be plausible.

Some are suggesting that Paddock might have financed his Real Estate and Gambling Hobbies with some dubious business in the realm of Arms Dealing.  Ambassador Stephens got himself killed for looking into some arms trafficking between Hillary’s State Department and her and Obama’s newly formed ISIS.

paddock gun dealer speculation

Some believe that the reports heard on Michael Savage’s TALK RADIO program of weapons like M249 (full machine guns) and possible on-the-ground shooters might neatly align with what Paddock might have expected to be a simple transaction with ISIS.

Obviously that would explain the apparent cover-up version of “investigation” being conducted under FBI supervision, as they wouldn’t want to see what amounts to a Deep State operation exposed.

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Now this is still just a theory but it would certainly explain disconnects between civilian survivor accounts and the strange, slow, and seemingly suppressed flow of information from official channels.

There are other indications that this event had been planned and the mysterious “you’re all going to die!” woman might never be pursued nor heard from if she actually does “know why she knew.”

Again, the above theory could be dismissed as mere speculation and might even be proven implausible as we learn more.  But, what we learned from past events is that massive Deep State operations are often inside traded by the higher level string pullers.

George Soros just happened to “make a killing” on the Vegas Shooting.  He accomplished this in his usual method of shorting the right stock at the right time.

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Now this little tidbit could be written off as just more “good luck” for jolly old Soros.  But he seems to have this kind of “luck” rather frequently.  I hadn’t jumped back into the archives to find supporting references, but I recall he had bought the right stock just prior to the Horizon Oil Rig event shortly before that Earth Day timed environmental catastrophe.

I remember discussions about his shorting the airlines just prior to a certain September 11 event!  It would almost seem that the globalist cabal are so comfortable operating on “plausible deniability” they really don’t even mind leaving big “follow the money” clues.

So for now I’ll close with this.  One big theory that, as of this afternoon seems to fit with the other pieces, and one big fact of another great financial win for that wonderful “philanthropist” George Soros.

Like any puzzle, it goes together faster with help, so please add your thoughts in the comments below.


ISIS claims of responsibility gain credibility:

And otherwise the official agency “investigation” continues to run like a cover-up.

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Starting to better understand why the “investigation” by #DEMINFESTED agencies seems to be running much more like a cover-up.

Today we discover…

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The more we discover who benefits, and about the “not political” Democrat who had his social media scrubbed, the more we know the real motive behind the Vegas Shooting


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The Emerging Threat: Leftist Hate

October 2, 2017
Updated October 7, 2017
Occupy Democrats Parody

Didn’t take long for the FaceBook page of our latest domestic terrorist to vanish.  All indications are that it was rich with anti-Trump propaganda.  Rumor also has it he had disappeared from home for six months leading up to the event.

It may be early to sketch out any details, especially with an apparent media and government agency plot to obscure facts.  But whatever kind of unhinged violent Democrat or Democrats acted out in Las Vegas this past Sunday evening, we know there are plenty more openly praising his action.

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 3.57.18 PM

Original Tweet

And such sentiments are by no means limited to the countless street level lunatics on Twitter.

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It may be early for some to make meaningful assessments about the most recent Democrat caused horror, but it certainly isn’t for the usual blow hards to virtue signal rage over some imaginary gun freedom that was legally exercised by the perpetrator.

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 4.09.00 PM

And of course the same FBI that’s still so sure about Russian Collusion less a shred of evidence had, within just hours, dismissed the possibility that the Violent Democrat might be connected to any terror organization along with ISIS’ own claim of responsibility.

We’ll undoubtedly have vile opportunists from the anti-Freedom lobby exploit this Democrat caused horror every which way, but like other recent events, we might know next to nothing on what really happened in the coming weeks, months, or even decades.

It’s worth keeping in mind that mixed and confusing stories that never get unraveled bear the mark of a Deep State operation.

RADICAL LIBERAL TERRORISM TRUMP violent dems shooter vegas

So what are the answer?  Maybe it’s time we had a more serious discussion to tackle the problem at the source. #DEMCONTROL.


And to be sure the answers truly address the circumstances that led to the horror of that Las Vegas shooting, we should spend at least as much time exploring the fact as we do promoting “solutions.”

Las Vegas Massacre, Exploring the Facts

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