“Theybies,” the Latest Chapter in Child Abuse by Liberal Parents

Occupy Democrats Parody
December 17, 2018

Whatever a majority of common men and women counted as wildly absurd 10 years ago is a sacred cow today.  And of course the present day levels of lunacy are charting a course towards the “new normal” by 2028.  And of course any who as much as raise an eyebrow will be branded “hateful bigots” to be shunned by all. 

The pioneers of the tomorrow’s normal are the liberal parents (aka child abusers,) that won’t even offer their newborns the simple pleasure of beginning their lives as little girls and little boys.  Many of us already know at least one indoctrinated lesbian woman that might bully friends online for the simple traditions of “gender reveal” parties, or even for a gender themed baby shower.  And I personally know at least one full grown LGBT oriented “man” who is actually upset at the slightest mockery of this disturbing child abuse, since, apparently, every aspect of this Fabian Socialist agenda of bullying is deemed sacred and strictly off limits to any sort of second guessing much less ridicule. 

If you want to test to see how bad things have become in your own circle of friends, simply offer them a viewing of this “theybies” themed parody of an old Christmas Classic, “What Child is This.”  If the mild sarcasm is taken as some great offense to someone in your immediate or extended family, or even if there’s someone in your circle of friends responds with a holiday snowflake meltdown, you’ll likely come to realize just how far the mass brainwashing has already directed society away from a long lost tradition of sanity. 

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Crying for Khashoggi

December 6, 2018
Updated December 11, 2018
Occupy Democrats Parody

Before he was so well known as “journalist” Jamal Khashoggi was an activist that helped arrange the mass murder via Arab Spring and other Obama and Hillary cosponsored terror movements.  It might almost be touching how all the liberals finally found a dead journalist they’re prepared to mourn in the form of overt  and widely circulated outrage were it not so transparent as just another opportunity to take a collective crap on the President of the United States.

None of the lefties ever demonstrated much concern about Saudi Arabia while they were busy stoning “adulterous” pregnant women and performing public lynching of gays.  And few ever questioned the Clintons’ nor Obamas’ cozy and even subservient relationship with those kings and princes Saudi Arabia.

Nor did they seem all that upset when the Obama and Hillary sponsored ISIL (Obama’s pet name for ISIS) performed a public and videotaped beheading of a prominent Jewish journalist.

And now when a new young Saudi Prince has apparently demonstrated interest in getting Saudi’s act together, and dropping a hammer on the worst and most vile of Wahibi Sunnis that threaten, bully and murder throughout the region, suddenly we’re to be all upset about poor Jamal.

And of course the PressWeCan media all cite the “intelligence agencies” as having “reliable evidence” that ties an unfortunate few moments at an Embassy to the Saudi government.  

Time and Time again, TIME is on the wrong side of history! 

Well of course, and as usual, the leftists revel in every irony.  And we’ve yet to hear any of those usual suspects utter so much as a peep over countless murdered journalists in Mexico, nor have they called for any “investigations” much less “sanctions.”

And of course they’re all equally unmoved by our own American journalists and whistle blowers that were apparently murdered by the CIA and Democrats.

Andrew Breitbart just happened to die while taking a late night walk, alone, and on the very eve of his big “bombshell anouncement” that would “take down the Obama Presidency!” 
Exposing the DeepState Democrat Infested CIA run by a global cabal can be a hazardous business!
While Democrat pundits were on National Television actively calling for an assassination of Assange himself, his lawyer John Jones caught the Hillary train via a quick shove onto the tracks at the precise moment.
Michael Hastings was a celebrated journalist that the left used to love up until he went on TV to express great contempt for the Obama White House and what he decried as a “war on journalism.”  He finished that segment with… “well, if you want a war, we’re going to be fighting back…” (paraphrasing.) 
Seth Rich was a BreadlineBernout that became greatly disappointed with the Democrat Party after they cheated his true hero Bernie Sanders out of the Primaries.  He then leaked damning evidence to Wikileaks, Podesta emailed about “making an example of the leaker,” and then he was suddenly murdered by gunfire from behind by a “robber” that forgot to take Seth’s wallet, watch, nor any other valuables.  Assange then put out a reward for information leading to the arrest of the CIA agents or whatever other sort of Democrat pulled the trigger.  Even reporting on this matter resulted in a huge backlash based on the absurd notion that exploring an open case was “disrespectful” to the surviving Democrats in Seth’s family inclusive of efforts to Boycott Sean Hannity who was among few journalists real enough to explore the facts.

Now I have no doubt that however bad the sins of Jamal’s past, few men, if any, really deserve to be ended in the cruel and clearly inhumane manner as were described in the reports concerning the late Khasshogi’s demise.  The notion that this tragic death of an activist-terrorist-“journalist” amounts to a basis for reshaping our foreign diplomacy with a Saudi Arabia that’s just now, trying to be better ally, is more than just a little absurd, hypocritical and ironic.  But of course without those three qualities, there wouldn’t be Democrats.

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Gab Got Gagged

October 29, 2018
Occupy Democrats Parody

Vile crony capitalists interrupted essential services to GAB as part of a coordinated effort by evil jackals that work very hard to crush any dissenting voices that challenge the lies upon which their own empire is built.

The excuse was that the vile moron who performed mass murder in Pittsburgh gave some clues about his plans that the lazy and Democrat Infested FBI apparently missed or allowed to be carried through for a political purpose.

Free speech enables potential problems to reveal their crimes before they are committed and all research shows that Censorship actually exacerbates the very problems that liars claim are mitigated by their extreme and fascist measures.

Among the vile crony capitalists working in collusion are GoDaddy and Ebay’s PayPal.

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 10.16.10 PM
zuck facebook twitter jackolf twitler obama censorship communism google goolag

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On IQ and Human Intelligence

October 25, 2018
Updated November 3, 2018

Occupy Democrats Parody

There are lots of words that are tossed about to describe a measurement of how “smart” we all are and how “dumb” some of our neighbors might be.  Now there are terms like “educated, informed, intellectual, intelligent, bright,” and some are even branded as “scholarly,” “genius” or “gifted.”

Ultimately all these labels represent measurements of one or both of two things, namely cognitive capability, and the depth of knowledge and understanding that might be achieved with it over time.  And the latter can be described with a single word, “wisdom.”


Cognitive capability is often described using one of the definitions of “intelligence.”  It refers to the innate capability of a given brain that is largely determined by genetics and largely amounts to a congenital condition.  Whereas any “engine” can be improved with tuning, or degraded with damage, there are basic measurements analogous to “horsepower” and “torque” that can, in spite of complexities of a brain, be meaningfully measured.

intelligence einstein bell curve

For the sake of clarity, “intelligence” should be taken as synonymous to “cognitive capability” for the balance of this writing.

Some have set out to measure the highly variable brains that direct the complex symphony of the human experience ranging from bodily functions to achievements that shape civilization. Most seem to agree that early readings tend to be the most useful.  So childhood IQ tests generally are considered the more accurate and less colored by training and experience.

There are different theories on measurement, but my own testing separated what was called “performance” and “verbal” IQ’s and the average between these can be taken as an “overall” number to brag to friends about, or to keep a safely guarded secret.  It’s probably not necessary to add that the choice between boasting and discretion is often guided by the score.

Many parents are instructed to keep their kids’ results “a secret” so as not to rob them of pursuing potential by either discouraging them, or in the case of “gifted” children, giving them an impression that they might not need to push themselves now that they already have their biggest “test score” in hand.

And of course as soon as mass testing began to reveal different averages across different groups, the whole subject of testing became controversial, and further exploration became stifled for political reasons.

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 1.40.38 PM
Apparently the left are all about being “anti-science” when it comes to unlocking knowledge that contradicts the Cultural Marxist dogma held sacred by the left. FULL ARTICLE

Long before Professor Lahn’s research, simple results of IQ testing on American children sparked such outrage in various communities that the practice of testing at all has been heavily discouraged, and in some especially absurd corners, seeking IQ testing for “black” children has been specifically prohibited!

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 1.46.50 PM

With the political pressure to abolish testing, special programs to maximize potential for “the gifted,” like LYCEUM (in which I was enrolled in the mid 70’s) have largely disappeared.  And even publications like Scientific American flirt with a rather anti-science attitude when it comes to research.

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 2.20.57 PM
Sounds pretty anti-science for “Scientific American!” FULL ARTICLE

Setting all that aside we are left with whatever best residual understandings mostly from research that’s been stopped or stifled.   It’s largely accepted that the measurement is designed to treat 100 as the “average human IQ,” but over time the average could be subject to change.  We also know that Koko the rather famous gorilla was able to achieve an 85 in spite of whatever “cultural bias” the Al Sharpton might claim to make “fair” testing impossible for the select demographic group he presumes to represent with some authority.

koko reading kokos kitten


Now when you take into account that the average human is within 15 IQ points of the intelligence of the very lovable Koko, and that there are whole countries that average below his,  it should be no surprise that there are differing levels of performance, nor should we be shocked at how most human thoughts are so primitive and disorganized, and how closely human behaviors are mirrored by other primates.

Source Wikipedia

Now if we review the above list, and then factor in race, some could certainly jump to some conclusions about IQ and how they might factor into various demographic groups in the USA and how IQ might in turn relate to political mindsets:
maga votes for trump by race and gender latino black white

Now for those that are not emotionally or otherwise reluctant to entertain the above as logical steps, there might be some larger questions that deserve consideration.  In addition to there being an alternate explanation for racial inequities than “oppression” as the left stubbornly takes as an “only answer,”
sowell nobody is equal even same man on two days there is a question about whether a certain level of average intelligence is required for a civilization to flourish or even survive.   John Adams declared that our Constitutional Republic can only work with a “highly religious and moral people,” and Thomas Jeffersons said as much in more secular terms.  And it really amounts to what I will put in my own words:  “An experiment in self government can only be successful with those capable of some of their own self governing on a personal level.”

Those that see an intelligent, self governed population as an obstacle to their own lust for power and authority will likely recognize that a less intelligent population is as good as merchandise on a shelf, and a goal of “dumb down” can be readily achieved by picking and choosing from the “right” global coordinates.

pjw jorge ramos says migrants are not criminals as they coer faces to hide from camera caravan illegal invading army terrorists libtard liars lies Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 12.38.13 PM

Now I’m not advocating for a race based immigration policy, and there are certainly better ways to ensure that new immigrants are picked with what they might contribute to our great melting pot civilization in the United States, and that all boils down to a system of “merit” based on skills, education, and attitude inclusive of signs that assimilation is a possibility.

ted roosevelt on immigration
That is more than adequate, and obviously less controversial.  But we should be aware that Democrats have been conducting their own mass immigration strategies with the realities of average IQ’s and dangerous attitudes very much in mind with a goal that is opposite of what we should consider ideal in our own role in defining our nation’s future for our children and grandchildren.

non white vote poc cultural marxism democrat manipulation of immigration


A very wise man I know very well once said: “Wisdom is the result of the pain of experience over however many years of it.  In my somewhat long life, I’ve experienced enough pain in the backside to become quite a wise ass!”

As we already covered, wisdom is the result of cognitive ability being put to good use over time.  Whereas that’s a rather broad topic to include in this writing, let’s just conclude with a few seemingly wise enough thoughts.

We are all humans with some common ingredients and some profound differences.  Our differences should not be a basis of contempt nor hatred. As some other men who are wise enough assert, at least in the eyes of divinity, we are all created equal.  To avoid the baffling of easily confused “intellectuals*,” I’ll add some clarification.  We are created equal as humans in our worth as humans.  That does not imply equal in ability, nor project equality in achievement, nor should it.

Most have heard knowledge is power.  But the powerful aren’t always motivated to share it, and so lies often serve the powerful much better than spreading powerful truth outside of their circles.  And so we ought not be all that surprised by the frequency of lies told by an illegitimate body of ruling elite.

Contrary to what the powerful might wish, whatever is revealed in an individual’s search for truth should prevail over the inevitable hostility that might be activated when an “unpopular truth” makes its way into the “wrong hands.”  Depending on how far society fails in the protection of free discourse, some measure of courage may ultimately be required to defend it.

*”intellectual,” noun, a person that is educated beyond their intelligence.

New: Black Pigeon Speaks offers a brilliant presentation on intelligence as it pertains to “self interest” and “novelty of ideas.”


©2018 Occupy Democrats Parody

Manipulation of Language by Fascists

October 12, 2018
Occupy Democrats Parody

Not even the dictionary is safe from the Liars of the Left.  No longer satisfied to simply lie by omission in obscuring the history of Fascism and the leftist socialist behind the philosophy, proponents of Fascism and masters of one of their key techniques, “projection” have managed to insert two little words in the definition of Fascism in every dictionary published in or after 2009.

Yes They changed the definition of Fascism

Whereas most everyone has learned of the originators of Communism, Karl Marx, and some even know about the man connected to the philosophy of (Free Market) Capitalism, precious few college grads have ever even heard of the notorious name who hatched Fascism.

nazi is fascist extreme right tweet libtard americanaf2


And that’s very convenient for the actual Fascists that are passionate about screaming “Fascist!” at every American that’s as much as a centimeter to the “right” of Nancy Pelosi.


Is Fascism Right or Left by PragerU

political spectrum intelligent WITH PARTIES AND ODP

Of course lies told often enough become “truth” per the very methods embraced by yesterday and today’s own Fascists.  And however much they are set right with the facts about “what is Fascism” and where it sits on the Political Spectrum, they’ll no sooner give up the power of that lying as they might suspend their wildly absurd practice of calling Kanye, Candace Owens and others “white supremacists.”

grandparents alana mastrangelo fascism vs trump laughed so hard they cried

©2018 Occupy Democrats Parody

How Collectivist #VAGINAHAT Notions of #METOO and #WEBELIEVE Harm Boys and Girls Alike

October 6, 2018
Updated December 5, 2018

Occupy Democrats Parody

The recent Stalinist Show Trial of Kavanaugh has brought the absurdity of the #VAGAINAHAT mindset to a prominent position in public discourse.  The unfortunate notions that all accusers are “victims” and that all “accused” are guilty rattles the very foundations of our society and the system of law embracing “presumption of innocence”  upon which our nation and most of Western and even Eastern Civilization are built.

A cult of “we believers” replaces rational discourse and discernment with chants and firm solidarity with all accusers who point at targets that they’re all too eager to presume “guilty” members of an imagined he-man woman-hater and “pussy grabber” club.

believe all female accusers vaginahats christine ford accusation whacamole

This reflexive and emotionally charged response to embrace all accusers that point fingers at political enemies is one that the most vile of Democrats are all too happy to exploit.  Critical analysis and scientific skepticism is replaced by raw emotion that is often fueled a #VAGINAHAT’s own history of sexual trauma that has not yet been treated and may not even have been reported.



As is common in these cases, their own unresolved issues born of partially or even well suppressed memories are transposed onto either “all men,” in the most serious cases, or more often onto whatever set of men register to them as symbolic “oppressors” of “women.”  And this “oppressive male” paint is applied with a rather broad brush to any who seem reluctant to self prostrate in a mass collective apology for all the combined “sins” of their brothers and fathers and the “patriarchy” they represent.

kavinaugh testimony to add christine and pimp

Any who “come forward” are immediately showered with praise for being “courageous” while simultaneously excused for however many decades of cowardice that may have placed more of their sisters (and brothers) at risk.  However many decades of silence also erased any possibility of “getting to the bottom” of whatever events are suddenly-partially-“remembered.”  Still these foggy and unreliable memories must now be given the full attention of all men lest they be smeared as some sort of antagonistic  “rape apologists.”


Most know that Democrats only lie all day and all night, but it seems that precious few understand that #BEARINGFALSEWITNESS is a much more serious offense than just “lying.”  Even in religious circles,   “Though shall not bear false witness” has been replaced with a simply worded “translation” of “Do Not Lie.”   The difference between telling mom you didn’t eat a cookie, or your wife she doesn’t “look fat,” or a misstatement about High School slang from the days of Fast Times at Ridgemont High, might be called lies, but obviously that’s not what this prohibition listed among the Ten Commandments was about.

Bearing False Witness is an accusing lie that can irreversibly damage or destroy lives.  They might decide between joint custody in a divorce and supervised visits, or even send innocent men to prison a gas chamber.

That’s not just “a lie,” but the most vile form of Perjury and a grave sin against another person.  And so it’s much more than just “lying.”


Now of course we’ve learned that Dr. Christine Blasey Kavanaugh has served up a stew of unverifiable accusation with big chunks of verifiable lies.  And yet Zuckerberg’s Facebook offers a handy tool to make her your temporary profile pic with the accompanying #WEBELIEVE featuring her mug.

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 12.30.01 PM
Full Story

In great contrast to the collectivist #WEBELIEVE notions that suggest all accusers are “victims” and all accused are “guilty,” there are plenty of REAL survivors of very REAL abuse that know otherwise.

But ultimately the absurd are all about every form of collectivism.  All they don’t like must be guilty of something, and any who participate in the vile Democrat game of accusation whac-a-mole are summarily heralded as “courageous heroes” for having rung the bells of victimhood that connect with whatever of their own unresolved issues concerning what must be a plethora of bad experiences with men.  And of course any accusations that prove inconvenient to all their righteous virtue signaling will be readily dismissed as part of a “vast right wing conspiracy.”

hysteria false rape accusations bearing christine ford rape

10 minutes after kavanaugh confirmed christine ford tossed from suv

believe women vaginahat kavanaugh screenshot 2018-11-02 at 9.01.12 PM

Let’s finish up with a few words from Nancy Pelosi who describes her party’s own tactics in clear enough terms.  #WrapUpSmear


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Feinstein’s Flying Monkey Circus

September 29, 2018
Occupy Democrats Parody

Apparently Feinstein let all her monkeys out of the broom closet!

Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 2.15.17 PM
Full Article



vaginahat logic kavanaugh assaulted us all too!
Clearly this is a PhotoShop, but it also fairly represents the #VAGINAHAT mindset! 

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