Democrats’ Selective Moral Outrage

March 23, 2018
Updated April 20, 2018

Occupy Democrats Parody

So now the latest of a stream of Whores for Hillary has announced she has “the dirt” on Trump.  Whereas she acknowledges that she “technically did not have sex with Trump” she’s prepared to ride a wave of attention by showing she can’t be trusted to do the one thing that whores are really paid to do when it comes to their celebrity involvements, namely keep their mouths shut.

I suppose we’ll have to accept the feigned moral outrage by liberals, since, were it not for #DOUBLESTANDARDS obviously #DEMOCRATS would have no standards at all.  But perhaps it’s just the specific circumstances of the allegations about Trump that make her story unique.  I guess if it were to be OK, it would have to look a lot more like #DEMOCRAT sex.

Apparently abuse of a childish subordinate intern WHILE serving as POTUS and in the Oval Office and then committing perjury to discredit “that woman” and her allegations was “just lying about a blow job” and otherwise his “personal business” and even “cool” with the #LIBTARDS.

hillary close but no cigar monnica intern clinton scandal sex

Trump’s other apparent mistake, if there’s ANYTHING to the allegations is that nobody died.  If she had been left to drown in a river, I’m sure Democrats would be much more eager to reelect Trump.


The other thing that likely turns off the righteous base of #DEMOCRATS is that there was no #GAYSEX, illicit drug use, nor followup murders.  Such a story clearly doesn’t have ANY of the right elements to make it to 60 Minutes!

It may be a bit hard to decode all the rules that decide which indiscretions merit headline news and an hour long TV feature, and so I suppose we are left to make some guesses.

But of course #WHORES4HILLARY all knew which candidate was the “moral choice” in November of 2016! They went with the one that literally #SLUTSHAMED a 12 year old that awoke permanently disabled after her rape coma and even tampered with evidence to get the man she knew was guilty off with “time served.”

There’s really is nothing quite like morality lessons from Democrats!

freedom medal awards sexual predator vile dems
With apologies to Bill Cosby.  I don’t think he’s is anything like the true predators featured in frames 1, 2 and 3.




kamala willie brown affair sex scandal
“Anyone too damn cheap to pay for something as sacred as sex, does not deserve to be Mayor!”  Anonymous

We should all know that in truth, some Democrats will only accept a religious leader in high office.  Well at least so long as the they cannot be mistaken for any sort of Christian.

stormy daniels porn star and openly gay man sit down to discuss morality


©2018 Occupy Democrats Parody

Twitter Debate: Comedian Asserts “There is no Sin”

October 10, 2017
Occupy Democrats Parody.

An absurd declaration made in support of the left’s favorite “oppressed minority.”

At first glance one might dismiss this as another empty bleat by a practitioner of the Nihilist denomination of that Democrat Religion.  But then we realized poor Alvin was serious, and was prepared to deliver the musings of an “Actor. Comedian. Activist.” as “proof!”

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 9.35.36 AM
See, poor George was so full of his dogma, he felt inclined to write a multi-part serious for the very “serious” Huffington Post to prove “there is no sin!”  There’s no point in perusing his long winded musings since they are devoid of logic, discernment, and evidence to support his central claim.

But to best attend to Alvin’s #FREEEDUCATION we’ve made the investment in offering logical refutation to his silly notion that the comedian “proved” his core belief.

We will start with the actual dictionary definition of “sin.”

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 10.11.09 AM
Now since by one definition “sin” is “a transgression against divine law” or “God,” one might say it could not exist without “divine law” or “God.”  So if one were to, in turn, prove “there is no God” we could agree that there is no “divine law” and thus no way to perform “transgression” against it.

There is no way to prove or disprove the existence of God, so it boils down to dogmatic belief and, as such, strong assertions like “there is no sin” cannot be “proven” even if we ignore the more general secular definition of sin as “an act regarded as a serious or regrettable fault, offense, or omission.”

If George and his newest groupie Alvin successfully prove “there is no God” then we can give half credit  to the notion that “there is no sin.”

The End.

PS: ODP is a secular brand, and for more on our own thoughts as it pertains to religious dogma you can consult this writing that recounts my own evolution of understanding on such matters: My Early Understandings as a “Realist.”

©2017 Occupy Democrats Parody

Journalism’s “Authority” on Islam

July 13, 2017
Occupy Democrats Parody

Tommy Robinson turns the camera the other way and shares the pain of his recently interview with a liberal journalist.

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 4.43.16 PM

Here’s a gem.  Interview cut short because… “that’s not the direction we’re taking the debate!”


Much more to be said, but for now, let’s hear a few words from the good Americans while they call out the hateful rhetoric of our domestic agents of terror:


refind and kind resist libtwit sarsour
Womens’ March organizer Sarsour has some interesting ideas about “pussy grabbing.”

©2017 Occupy Democrats Parody

NWO’s Hijacked Papacy and the Marxist Pope

July 7, 2017
Updated October 26, 2017

Occupy Democrats Parody

Ordinarily a Papacy runs like that old fashioned idea about marriage.  “Until death do we part!”  The last legitimate Pope is, contrary to typical Vatican protocols, very much alive.  Pope Benedict is literally the first to resign since Pope Gregory XII in the year 1415.

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 1.24.17 PM
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My Early Understandings as a “Realist.”

May 24, 2017
Occupy Democrats Parody

Due to indirect exposure to a Secular Humanist education delivered by my elder siblings enrolled in government school, seeds of doubt on the existence of “God” were planted rather early in my childhood.

From the 4th grade I clearly remember that I was seriously questioning all those lessons I had learned in Sunday school. Well, not so much the “love thy neighbor” ideals, as much as the whole question of whether God made man or man made “God” as means to answer, or at least as a “place” to neatly store away those that couldn’t be satisfactorily answered.

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A Compelling Plea to the Women of France

April 26, 2017 updated May 6, 2017
Occupy Democrats Parody

The esteemed and highly intelligent voice of Stefen Molyneaux really never disappoints with his thoughtful and reasoned presentations.  Just today he premiered what may be his finest work yet in “Cheres Femmes de France.”

Here he covers a broad swatch of deep and essential truths concerning modern women and their relationship to government in a heartfelt and compelling plea to the women of France.  If ever there was a time to “Pray for France” it is now as they come quickly to their national decision of life or death as a nation.

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