Democrat Infested Courts Pass Out Rulings as Party Favors

November 16, 2018
Occupy Democrats Parody

Marxist activists posing as “judges” infest our courts.  Many are Obama and Clinton appointees that put ideology first, and any concern for Constitution and judicial integrity dead last.

Most recently we have U.S. District Judge Timothy J. Kelly stretching an absurd ruling to impose restoration of an open invitation to the White House via “Press Pass” to the notoriously bad behaving bully Jim Acosta who even CNN’s own Larry King recognized a unfit to be counted a “journalist’ and otherwise.


The basis of this outrageous miscarriage of justice was not the “First Amendment” which would have been too absurd even for Democrats, but the “Fifth Amendment” and “due process.” Whether Acosta should be locked up and serve a sentence for his outrageous conduct may be up for grabs, but unless he’s being tried in in a criminal or civil matter, “due process” cannot even be loosely applied.   It’s wildly absurd to cry “due process” over being uninvited to a a highly regulated private function such as a White House Press Briefing.

Meanwhile judges rule that TWITTER may target conservatives with impunity because they are “a private company” while simultaneously ruling that the President may not use the tools provided by the personals webpage once called “platform” cannot be used to block belligerent trolls because Trump’s TWEETS are part of a “public square.” 


And of course there were no lawyers even attempting such nonsense concerning Press Pass “rights” when the Obama administration revoked all Press Credentials from somewhat that dared offend that thin skinned little prick that fraudulently held the office of President for two full terms.

Presently he corrupted judiciary is busy providing cover for massive vote fraud that just recently resulted in a stolen House and threatens the integrity of the Senate as shenanigans continue to get carried out well over a week after an election.

Now a Federal Judge has even gone so far beyond the fray to render a “ruling” that something so obvious as matching signatures in a contested election is somehow “unconstitutional!”  

It would seem that anything that harms Democrats is “illegal” and anything that benefits Republicans is unconstitutional. 

Meanwhile every legitimate effort made by the Commander in Chief of our military to perform his sworn duties as President to secure the security of our nation via border enforcement and mitigation of other threats is contradicted at every turn by wildly absurd rulings by other activists abusing and even expanding their roles as “judges.”

Many of these lower court rulings ultimately fail, but by the time sanity is restored, the damage has already been done.   And of course we must acknowledge Democrats and their effort to see the SCOTUS corrupted and stay corrupted whether it’s by the vile antics we recently witnessed in the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing, or even threats to existing judges made by Democrats including at least one that, by all appearances, was followed up with a High Court Justice murder.

Scalia had just written opinions on many rulings that would have greatly inconvenienced Democrats and was actively consulting on plans to arrest and convict Hillary Clinton at the time a “wet works” email by Podesta was followed by his death within a few short days.

Legislation from the bench as it’s sometimes appropriately called isn’t anything new.  California’s Proposition 8 was passed just before Democrats put their final screws in by inviting Illegal Alien votes and other election fraud tactics only to have a short lived victory turned upside down by another corrupt Marxist activist dignified with the title of “Judge.”

Among other significant wins by Americans with Trump’s surprising upset win is his ability to appoint judge after judge that might be expected to take their roles seriously.  But by the time the courts are functioning, we may be so overrun with the latest hoards of anti-Americans being invited by NGO’s and other insidious Democrat controlled operations might have us well past a point of no return.

And whatever quality of judiciary may not be able to stand up to the mobs and the tyrants they empower to operate way above the reach of any semblance of law and order.  And, not unlike the other form of “borders,” if we do not have rule of law, we do not have a country. 

©2018 Occupy Democrats Parody

Democrats Exploit Collectivist Guilt-by-Imaginary-Association Rhetoric to Fuel Their Own Hate Machine

October 29, 2018
Updated October 30, 2018

Occupy Democrats Parody

After several weeks of open and public calls by party leaders for incivility, Democrats suffered a backlash via effective Jobs not Mobs messaging that made their prospect for a big “Blue Wave” even less promising.  And like any cornered animal, the “Party of Crime” as it’s becoming increasingly known, appears to be engaging in the most desperate of antics to turn their own reputation for violent antics against the opposition.

Whereas there are many unanswered questions about the first of what will likely be many big news stories in the coming week, we do know that the tribalist now branded the “MAGA-bomber” by Democrat media was one of two things.  Either a Democrat operator playing his part in a production to gain sympathy for the very creeps calling for violence, or a genuine male stripper mental case with a criminal record that simply heeded Maxine Waters’, Eric Holder’s, Hillary Clinton’s, Nancy Pelosi’s and Tim Kaine’s public call for incivility!

It’s unfortunate that most Democrats and even a good percentage of more sensible Americans have been fooled by collectivist “guilt-by-association” notions that are as laughable as they are harmful.  And of course the quality of “journalists” working at the party “news” organizations are quite accustomed to promoting and amplifying such irresponsible thinking whenever they believe it gives their party an edge.

Of course no tragic event will go unexploited by the liars of the left, and the recent Pittsburgh synagogue shooting is now being pinned on Trump and his supporters.  Trump’s own son-in-law is Jewish, his daughter converted to Judaism, and now he’s the big “anti-semite” and not Obama who literally parades about with Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright, both phony religious leaders that spew their own varieties of anti-Semitism.  And even some rabid leftist Rabbis (and or some other sort of Jewish Leaders) are in on the action with an unvite in response to the President’s plan to personality participate in the memorial unless Trump participates in blame share with all “nationalists” that happen to be “white.”

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 6.58.10 PM

Meanwhile the #DEMINFESTED #FBI is replaying their anti-“white” rhetoric and otherwise painting targets, not just on those “guilty” of wearing a Maga Hat, but any and all “whites” that don’t openly denounce their own every action along with any ancestors that might have been “oppressors” against nobody that’s alive today.

And that actually makes a lot of sense when you take into account the fact that the entire Democrat Party mission is to punish conservatives for current and a long history of bad deeds by Democrats.  And if some of their own comrades get caught up in the suffering, they’re good with that “collateral damage.

Meanwhile, the liars keep lying.

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 6.29.09 PM
His son-in-law is Jewish, and daughter has converted to her husband’s religion, he moved the Embassy, rejected the vile rhetoric of Obama’s pal Farrakhan, he tossed the anti-semitic Iran Deal, and generally rejects Democrats.  He denounced the violence by unhinged leftist lunatic in no uncertain terms.  But “not enough” per the liars and the daughters of America’s least favorite liar.

hillary antifa emotional support thug fascist bully partyofcrime incivility

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 3.44.38 PM

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On IQ and Human Intelligence

October 25, 2018
Updated November 3, 2018

Occupy Democrats Parody

There are lots of words that are tossed about to describe a measurement of how “smart” we all are and how “dumb” some of our neighbors might be.  Now there are terms like “educated, informed, intellectual, intelligent, bright,” and some are even branded as “scholarly,” “genius” or “gifted.”

Ultimately all these labels represent measurements of one or both of two things, namely cognitive capability, and the depth of knowledge and understanding that might be achieved with it over time.  And the latter can be described with a single word, “wisdom.”


Cognitive capability is often described using one of the definitions of “intelligence.”  It refers to the innate capability of a given brain that is largely determined by genetics and largely amounts to a congenital condition.  Whereas any “engine” can be improved with tuning, or degraded with damage, there are basic measurements analogous to “horsepower” and “torque” that can, in spite of complexities of a brain, be meaningfully measured.

intelligence einstein bell curve

For the sake of clarity, “intelligence” should be taken as synonymous to “cognitive capability” for the balance of this writing.

Some have set out to measure the highly variable brains that direct the complex symphony of the human experience ranging from bodily functions to achievements that shape civilization. Most seem to agree that early readings tend to be the most useful.  So childhood IQ tests generally are considered the more accurate and less colored by training and experience.

There are different theories on measurement, but my own testing separated what was called “performance” and “verbal” IQ’s and the average between these can be taken as an “overall” number to brag to friends about, or to keep a safely guarded secret.  It’s probably not necessary to add that the choice between boasting and discretion is often guided by the score.

Many parents are instructed to keep their kids’ results “a secret” so as not to rob them of pursuing potential by either discouraging them, or in the case of “gifted” children, giving them an impression that they might not need to push themselves now that they already have their biggest “test score” in hand.

And of course as soon as mass testing began to reveal different averages across different groups, the whole subject of testing became controversial, and further exploration became stifled for political reasons.

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 1.40.38 PM
Apparently the left are all about being “anti-science” when it comes to unlocking knowledge that contradicts the Cultural Marxist dogma held sacred by the left. FULL ARTICLE

Long before Professor Lahn’s research, simple results of IQ testing on American children sparked such outrage in various communities that the practice of testing at all has been heavily discouraged, and in some especially absurd corners, seeking IQ testing for “black” children has been specifically prohibited!

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 1.46.50 PM

With the political pressure to abolish testing, special programs to maximize potential for “the gifted,” like LYCEUM (in which I was enrolled in the mid 70’s) have largely disappeared.  And even publications like Scientific American flirt with a rather anti-science attitude when it comes to research.

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 2.20.57 PM
Sounds pretty anti-science for “Scientific American!” FULL ARTICLE

Setting all that aside we are left with whatever best residual understandings mostly from research that’s been stopped or stifled.   It’s largely accepted that the measurement is designed to treat 100 as the “average human IQ,” but over time the average could be subject to change.  We also know that Koko the rather famous gorilla was able to achieve an 85 in spite of whatever “cultural bias” the Al Sharpton might claim to make “fair” testing impossible for the select demographic group he presumes to represent with some authority.

koko reading kokos kitten


Now when you take into account that the average human is within 15 IQ points of the intelligence of the very lovable Koko, and that there are whole countries that average below his,  it should be no surprise that there are differing levels of performance, nor should we be shocked at how most human thoughts are so primitive and disorganized, and how closely human behaviors are mirrored by other primates.

Source Wikipedia

Now if we review the above list, and then factor in race, some could certainly jump to some conclusions about IQ and how they might factor into various demographic groups in the USA and how IQ might in turn relate to political mindsets:
maga votes for trump by race and gender latino black white

Now for those that are not emotionally or otherwise reluctant to entertain the above as logical steps, there might be some larger questions that deserve consideration.  In addition to there being an alternate explanation for racial inequities than “oppression” as the left stubbornly takes as an “only answer,”
sowell nobody is equal even same man on two days there is a question about whether a certain level of average intelligence is required for a civilization to flourish or even survive.   John Adams declared that our Constitutional Republic can only work with a “highly religious and moral people,” and Thomas Jeffersons said as much in more secular terms.  And it really amounts to what I will put in my own words:  “An experiment in self government can only be successful with those capable of some of their own self governing on a personal level.”

Those that see an intelligent, self governed population as an obstacle to their own lust for power and authority will likely recognize that a less intelligent population is as good as merchandise on a shelf, and a goal of “dumb down” can be readily achieved by picking and choosing from the “right” global coordinates.

pjw jorge ramos says migrants are not criminals as they coer faces to hide from camera caravan illegal invading army terrorists libtard liars lies Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 12.38.13 PM

Now I’m not advocating for a race based immigration policy, and there are certainly better ways to ensure that new immigrants are picked with what they might contribute to our great melting pot civilization in the United States, and that all boils down to a system of “merit” based on skills, education, and attitude inclusive of signs that assimilation is a possibility.

ted roosevelt on immigration
That is more than adequate, and obviously less controversial.  But we should be aware that Democrats have been conducting their own mass immigration strategies with the realities of average IQ’s and dangerous attitudes very much in mind with a goal that is opposite of what we should consider ideal in our own role in defining our nation’s future for our children and grandchildren.

non white vote poc cultural marxism democrat manipulation of immigration


A very wise man I know very well once said: “Wisdom is the result of the pain of experience over however many years of it.  In my somewhat long life, I’ve experienced enough pain in the backside to become quite a wise ass!”

As we already covered, wisdom is the result of cognitive ability being put to good use over time.  Whereas that’s a rather broad topic to include in this writing, let’s just conclude with a few seemingly wise enough thoughts.

We are all humans with some common ingredients and some profound differences.  Our differences should not be a basis of contempt nor hatred. As some other men who are wise enough assert, at least in the eyes of divinity, we are all created equal.  To avoid the baffling of easily confused “intellectuals*,” I’ll add some clarification.  We are created equal as humans in our worth as humans.  That does not imply equal in ability, nor project equality in achievement, nor should it.

Most have heard knowledge is power.  But the powerful aren’t always motivated to share it, and so lies often serve the powerful much better than spreading powerful truth outside of their circles.  And so we ought not be all that surprised by the frequency of lies told by an illegitimate body of ruling elite.

Contrary to what the powerful might wish, whatever is revealed in an individual’s search for truth should prevail over the inevitable hostility that might be activated when an “unpopular truth” makes its way into the “wrong hands.”  Depending on how far society fails in the protection of free discourse, some measure of courage may ultimately be required to defend it.

*”intellectual,” noun, a person that is educated beyond their intelligence.

New: Black Pigeon Speaks offers a brilliant presentation on intelligence as it pertains to “self interest” and “novelty of ideas.”


©2018 Occupy Democrats Parody

How Health Marxism Destroys Lives

October 24, 2018
Occupy Democrats Parody

In a recent discussion a proponent of Single Payer bleats:

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 2.58.11 PM
In the interest of stimulating a conversation, I’ll offer the same answer I provided below:

Does “modern” always equal Marxism?  What a wonderfully simple and stupid notion  It’s like #KARLMARX is brand new!
FB_IMG_1431760459499 progressive failed ideaas socialism 19th century
#HEALTHMARXISM makes sick more than it heals, kills more than it saves wherever it’s tried.  The only places it CAN be tried seem to be homogenous societies with tightly regulated immigration.  Most of these charge $80,000 plus per new immigrant to fund their boondoggle social safety net programs, and most pay little or no share of the cost of military protection outsourced to countries like America.

It cannot be expected to work when the entire world is added to the payout side.  Get sick in Zimbabwe?  No problemo!  Buy a Mexican Visa for $3,000 (the present terrorist discount rate,) pay an MS13 connected coyote to drag your aching bones across an open border, and voila!  Whatever costs of long term care that might cost Americans hundreds of thousands of dollars, or even millions is yours!  In the words of Chelsea Clinton, “regardless of status!”

1937032_10208154397891148_933856899812798138_n obamacare for illegals chelsea whore

After HealthCare turns to #VACARE and the rest of the nation collapses, the vile men that guide their base of useful idiots around by their noses get exactly what they always wanted.

FB_IMG_1481121505071 1934 cartoon year of mom birthday marxism dictator spend

socialism city hospital grocery store politician

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Shot NAZIS and their Global War on Girls

October 16, 2018
Occupy Democrats Parody

When all young Columbian girls in a small town were subjected to HPV vaccination, severe and immediate reactions led to hospitalizations for many.  To add insult to vaccine injury, honest reporting was replaced with white wash that branded these girls as “hysterical,” and many contemplated, and some did, ultimately take their own lives in the aftermath.

©2018 Occupy Democrats Parody

Manipulation of Language by Fascists

October 12, 2018
Occupy Democrats Parody

Not even the dictionary is safe from the Liars of the Left.  No longer satisfied to simply lie by omission in obscuring the history of Fascism and the leftist socialist behind the philosophy, proponents of Fascism and masters of one of their key techniques, “projection” have managed to insert two little words in the definition of Fascism in every dictionary published in or after 2009.

Yes They changed the definition of Fascism

Whereas most everyone has learned of the originators of Communism, Karl Marx, and some even know about the man connected to the philosophy of (Free Market) Capitalism, precious few college grads have ever even heard of the notorious name who hatched Fascism.

nazi is fascist extreme right tweet libtard americanaf2


And that’s very convenient for the actual Fascists that are passionate about screaming “Fascist!” at every American that’s as much as a centimeter to the “right” of Nancy Pelosi.


Is Fascism Right or Left by PragerU

political spectrum intelligent WITH PARTIES AND ODP

Of course lies told often enough become “truth” per the very methods embraced by yesterday and today’s own Fascists.  And however much they are set right with the facts about “what is Fascism” and where it sits on the Political Spectrum, they’ll no sooner give up the power of that lying as they might suspend their wildly absurd practice of calling Kanye, Candace Owens and others “white supremacists.”

grandparents alana mastrangelo fascism vs trump laughed so hard they cried

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How Democrat Reveal Their Own Tactics

October 10, 2018
Occupy Democrats Parody

Often times the best details on Democrat tactics can be derived from their own projection.  Here Pelosi blames Republicans on a method she seems to know all too well.

Behold the #WRAPUPSMEAR.

And here Hillary is projecting the proven Democrat strategy of abusing agencies like IRS and other weaponized agencies to target political opponents:

To learn more about the “by any means necessary” tricks and tactics deployed by the left, simply listen to the words they use when they blame others.

hillary clinton vast right wint conspiracy
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