February 6, 2018
Occupy Democrats Parody

A regular contributor of inane rants and absurd MEMES has revealed the depths of his #LIBTARDATION with what is a clear runner-up for the ultimate #LIBTARDMEME.

lyon republican hypocrisy ultimate libtardmeme

It’s really quite special since it helps to reveal the inner workings of the deeply #LIBTARDED mind.

Let’s examine each and every one of the #LIBTARDBELLS rung by the amazing Jerry Nelson!



#WOMENSHEALTH is the new #EUPHEMISM for baby murder.  Apparently “abortion” to “choice” wasn’t quite enough to hide the darkness.  Of course like most liberal newspeak, “reproductive rights” means the opposite.

abortion killing children liberal cognitive dissonance

Redefining Rape?  Such an interesting notion.  Perhaps they’re tossing out the emerging 3rd wave Feminism version of “rape” that abuses the word so badly that it’s starting to become as empty and meaningless as “racist” has become with the help of the same leftist lunatics.

11011886_10153172229581171_7781013117348766141_n feminism rape

Republicans are “paying women less” for “the same work?”  Interesting notion.  I didn’t even realize Elizabeth Warren was “a Republican.”

elizabeth warren staff pay gap

But I suppose it’s OK since the #LIBTARDMEME is themed on “hypocrisy.”

ODPMEME wages follow brain mass and IQ

Of course “wage gap” myth is its own topic that can be explored in greater detail:

Logic vs. Assertiveness


Apparently to the Libtarded, value of education can only mean ever expanded funding for ever worsening results.


Here the inane left confuses “Union Rights” with the rights of workers.  Collectivist “rights” are the polar opposite of actual rights, but don’t try to explain that to a Democrat.


“Gay marriages” and “gay adoptions” really put the interest of kids first!  Well, maybe not.  Sometimes it leads to the most horrible child abuse imaginable as exemplified in this nightmarish tale of “drastic cuts.”

LGBT Vile berkeley lesbian couple destroy son sex change


Seems Democrats value minorities and majorities as long as they can be exploited to vote for more Democrats.

And really, there’s no smaller “minority” than the “minority of one.”   Democrats certainly don’t demonstrate any concern about individual rights.

FB_IMG_1486077700032 ayn rand smallest minority is the individual

And of course the whole “voter suppression” lie is especially amazing.



How ironic.  And who do they suppose pays for the “access” to “universal healthcare?” that they believe should payout to ALL OF MEXICO?

1937032_10208154397891148_933856899812798138_n obamacare for illegals chelsea whore


Obviously the mass murder achieved through Democrat run VA “care” tells the bigger story about the Democrat version of “valuing military and their families.”

But to their credit, they do recognize every man’s “God given right” to put on a dress and wield a machine gun!

13613212_1040708576007074_6623175189136447446_o mash lgbt promoted and asked to speak at dnc

©2018 Occupy Democrats Parody

UN’s Selective Outrage

March 31, 2018
Updated April 9, 2018

Occupy Democrats Parody

UN is still banging their drums for “Reparations” for the hardship suffered by someone we like to call “nobody that’s alive today.”  They couldn’t be more offended and outrage at America’s minor participation in a global slaving operation led by Muslims of 150 years ago.


Some Americans are left scratching their heads as to whomever alive today might be responsible for someone else’s great great uncle that might have participated when, at its peak, American slave ownership hit 4%.
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How to Destroy Leftist Gun Arguments

March 30, 2018
Occupy Democrats Parody

The left attack the rights of citizens “to keep and bear arms” from all directions.  Most will argue that the 2nd Amendment doesn’t mean what it says while their comrades and sometimes they themselves will argue that the 2nd Amendment must be repealed!

To avoid getting swept into the muck of disingenuous circular arguments slung by the illiberal “liberals” taking aim at gun rights, one can apply a few very simple guidelines to offer efficient service to their education.  The strategy I’ve developed breaks down into three very simple steps which are summarized as follows:

  1. Eliminate their game of “interpreting” the hell out of the 2nd Amendment until it means the opposite.
  2. Demonstrate why a REPEAL would be REQUIRED for them to claim any legitimacy to their gun grabbing objectives.
  3. Prove once and for all that nobody should WANT to see it “interpreted” nor repealed.

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The Recipe for a Parkland Shooting

March 28, 2018
Updated March 29, 2018

Occupy Democrats Parody

Apart from #CIA and #DEMINFESTED FBI involvements, the main ingredients for a Parkland School Shooting are as follows:

1. PROMISE PROGRAM owed to Obama.

2. BIGPHARMA destroying brains with #RITALIN and other harmful drugs required to achieve the levels of disconnection from conscience that makes an effective mass murderer.

3. DESTRUCTION of sound societal values

bill nye sit on dick science guy vile lgbt


scott israel coward of broward gun control

There’s much to be said about “the Coward of Broward” as Scott Israel has become known.  To start with his social media page features an introductory description to set low expectations.  “Democrat but Sheriff to All”

5. BIDEN’S #GUNFREEZONE law of 1990

gunfreezone began school shootings

Obviously even the most staunch advocates of gun grabbing among political leaders have no plans to “protect” their own children with the Biden Law.

obama daughter school 11 armed guards

But the particularly evil among their followers might wish it on innocent children of people they hate!
send barron to parkland sign evil vile dems gun

©2018 Occupy Democrats Parody

Democrats’ Selective Moral Outrage

March 23, 2018
Updated April 20, 2018

Occupy Democrats Parody

So now the latest of a stream of Whores for Hillary has announced she has “the dirt” on Trump.  Whereas she acknowledges that she “technically did not have sex with Trump” she’s prepared to ride a wave of attention by showing she can’t be trusted to do the one thing that whores are really paid to do when it comes to their celebrity involvements, namely keep their mouths shut.

I suppose we’ll have to accept the feigned moral outrage by liberals, since, were it not for #DOUBLESTANDARDS obviously #DEMOCRATS would have no standards at all.  But perhaps it’s just the specific circumstances of the allegations about Trump that make her story unique.  I guess if it were to be OK, it would have to look a lot more like #DEMOCRAT sex.

Apparently abuse of a childish subordinate intern WHILE serving as POTUS and in the Oval Office and then committing perjury to discredit “that woman” and her allegations was “just lying about a blow job” and otherwise his “personal business” and even “cool” with the #LIBTARDS.

hillary close but no cigar monnica intern clinton scandal sex

Trump’s other apparent mistake, if there’s ANYTHING to the allegations is that nobody died.  If she had been left to drown in a river, I’m sure Democrats would be much more eager to reelect Trump.


The other thing that likely turns off the righteous base of #DEMOCRATS is that there was no #GAYSEX, illicit drug use, nor followup murders.  Such a story clearly doesn’t have ANY of the right elements to make it to 60 Minutes!

It may be a bit hard to decode all the rules that decide which indiscretions merit headline news and an hour long TV feature, and so I suppose we are left to make some guesses.

But of course #WHORES4HILLARY all knew which candidate was the “moral choice” in November of 2016! They went with the one that literally #SLUTSHAMED a 12 year old that awoke permanently disabled after her rape coma and even tampered with evidence to get the man she knew was guilty off with “time served.”

There’s really is nothing quite like morality lessons from Democrats!

freedom medal awards sexual predator vile dems
With apologies to Bill Cosby.  I don’t think he’s is anything like the true predators featured in frames 1, 2 and 3.




kamala willie brown affair sex scandal
“Anyone too damn cheap to pay for something as sacred as sex, does not deserve to be Mayor!”  Anonymous

We should all know that in truth, some Democrats will only accept a religious leader in high office.  Well at least so long as the they cannot be mistaken for any sort of Christian.

stormy daniels porn star and openly gay man sit down to discuss morality


©2018 Occupy Democrats Parody

Hillary’s Amazing Temperament

March 21, 2018
Occupy Democrats Parody

Now to many it may be obvious that Hillary was Promised 2016 by her globalist masters when she stepped aside for #OBAMANATION.

She was apparently given the role of finishing up a nefarious and diabolical #16YEARPLAN.

16YEAR PLAN by Obama Hillary to destroy america fundamental transformation

She had such confidence that the 2nd round of #DEMVOTEFRAUD would deliver her to the Presidency, she was already lecturing Americans on the importance of #ACCEPTINGRESULTS.

You can just imagine her surprise when she was faced with accepting some results following the surprising and miraculous upset that granted America a 2nd chance.

The following is from a very good friend who would know and saw…(Bill Wright…)

Hillary Clinton’s night on the 9th of November went from a celebration to an absolute meltdown once the election unexpectedly turned on her, leaving Trump as the victor. Some of the remnants of Hillary Clinton’s rampage in the private VIP area was discovered by the hotel custodial staff the day following the election.

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Libtard Song by Marxist Pope

March 19, 2018
Occupy Democrats Parody

ODP’s newest original music video is now on Youtube!

Please let us know what you think in the comments, and we also love to learn about any other great emerging artists that express their conservative message in music.

©2018 Occupy Democrats Parody