Trouble in Paradise: Agenda 21 Fires

November 13, 2018
Updated November 14, 2018

Occupy Democrats Parody

It wasn’t long ago that California was suffering some of the worst fires in history.  This years both ends of the State are setting brand new records in loss both in property and lives as whole towns are consumed by extremely hot and fast spreading wildfires.

The only thing spreading faster than these destructive fires are the lies told by Democrats to exploit the more common minds in an effort connect these events to man’s minor contribution to atmospheric CO2.  Attention to the more plausible connections to activities of a certain quality of men remain largely unexamined.  And it’s past time to offer those some attention.

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I had personally heard first hand accounts of law enforcement dealing with perpetrators previously charged with arson driving about some key areas with a vehicle full of accelerants.  These apparent on-the-ground cases of arsonists get precious little if any media attention.  Meanwhile PG&E almost appears eager to accept responsibility for ignition by sparking power lines.  Other stories concerning mysterious energy beams and inexplicably hot structure fires that appear to vaporize materials ranging from gun safes to brick fireplaces get ignored along with any accounts that cannot be easily ascribed to a natural event.

SGTReports on California Wild Fires:

PG&E made some real headlines when they almost gleefully accepted responsibility for the San Bruno fire of a few years ago.  The epicenter of this explosive fire blamed on natural gas lines just happened to be right under a mother and daughter who just happened to be home to experience a rather instantaneous incineration.  David Cay Johnston, author of “Read the Fine Print” makes passing mention of the fact that the adult victim was a whistle blower who was actively reporting against the utility monopoly’s on a little “accounting issue” that measured at or near a billion dollars.


Whereas I disagree with most of Mr. Johnston’s ideologically motivated conclusions that promote more State to “fix” the crony capitalism he blames unfairly on a free market, his research is still rather impressive and detailed.  Another pearl of wisdom delivered in his book is that PG&E actually comes out ahead when they are successfully sued.
books the fine print david cay johnston
Assuming his research is correct, the utility company literally gets to pass 100% of any judgement to their customers through rate adjustments, but also receives a bonus in the form of a 10% commission.  This implies that suing PG&E for a cool billion dollars nets out a one hundred million gain to the monopoly’s bottom line.

This begs the question as to whether they might desire ultimately to be found guilty of whatever harm done by gas explosions and wind whipped power lines tossing sparks to dry grass.

Of course connecting PG&E to dubious plots that might relate to Agenda 21 and other possible motives for removing whole neighborhoods and even whole cities from California’s map, seems less far fetched when you consider the government connected men who run their operation, and how they also played a key role in forcing so-called SmartMeters onto private property in spite of privacy and health concerns posed by customers.


And these meters were “sold” to the American public for a mere $500 per meter which, counting GAS and ELECTRIC, amounts to $1,000.00 per household that was at least rumored to come from TARP funds.

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And of course they also take great delight in insulting customers with hate mail to admonish their best customers for using their product in a manner that they ignorantly decide is “irresponsible.”

But as with most dubious plots, there are often multiple players, and the Sierra Club also deserves some if not lots of credit.  Their anti-American activities have been no big secret and it’s well established that they block communities from taking appropriate proactive measures in the realm of fire prevention and containment.  Establishing fire lanes and cutting down underbrush sounds all the alarm bells and they’ll be there to stop, stifle or punish any responsible land management practices that historically kept our State safe from these kinds of fires.

So far we have a suspicious PG&E*, a hand full of ground level arsonists, and at least one dominant environmentalist group that definitely has blood on their hands.

The fourth suspect involves energy beams and I’ll leave that where the excellent SGT Reports left that in their presentation (linked above.)  SGT also make an interesting case about how the UN Agenda 21 might benefit from fire terrorism that drives humanity out of their large rural estates and into densely populated urban areas that better mesh with a globalist vision of geographically limited human reservations.

wildfires line up in same path california high speed rail system arson
Some find it interesting that the “wildfires” appear to line up with an Agenda 21 Rail System.  Watch for insurance carriers to declare residents planning to rebuild as uninsurable and red tape from the agencies on new “environmental” restrictions that didn’t exist when their homes were first built.

Obviously the investigators have a job to do, but most are running theirs under the authority of the very officials that may just be either superficially or more directly involved in some nefarious business.  And we can easily identify the biggest liars by their inane deflections about “Climate Change” to a mostly low information audience that’s all too eager to embrace the most feeble of explanations that they can in turn blame on Trump.  This adds fuel the eternal fire of rage burning in the countless indoctrinated hoards of “Never Trumpers” while at the same time keeping them too distracted with hate to ask any of the appropriate questions.


*Note that PG&E employs many very fine Americans that work very hard in their respective roles ranging from crews to mid-level and upper-level management.  Many are burdened with extreme work loads presently and some have also suffered losses in their own families due to the fires.  The questions about PG&E’s possible role in nefarious activities raised here and by SGT Reports as a public-private entity are directed ONLY to top tier management and/or government agency accomplices.

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Gab Got Gagged

October 29, 2018
Occupy Democrats Parody

Vile crony capitalists interrupted essential services to GAB as part of a coordinated effort by evil jackals that work very hard to crush any dissenting voices that challenge the lies upon which their own empire is built.

The excuse was that the vile moron who performed mass murder in Pittsburgh gave some clues about his plans that the lazy and Democrat Infested FBI apparently missed or allowed to be carried through for a political purpose.

Free speech enables potential problems to reveal their crimes before they are committed and all research shows that Censorship actually exacerbates the very problems that liars claim are mitigated by their extreme and fascist measures.

Among the vile crony capitalists working in collusion are GoDaddy and Ebay’s PayPal.

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zuck facebook twitter jackolf twitler obama censorship communism google goolag

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Shot NAZIS and their Global War on Girls

October 16, 2018
Occupy Democrats Parody

When all young Columbian girls in a small town were subjected to HPV vaccination, severe and immediate reactions led to hospitalizations for many.  To add insult to vaccine injury, honest reporting was replaced with white wash that branded these girls as “hysterical,” and many contemplated, and some did, ultimately take their own lives in the aftermath.

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Social Media Gulags: #FBJAIL

August 1, 2018
Updated November 11, 2018

Occupy Democrats Parody

A pattern of abuse by the vile thought police at Facebook has resulted in several time-outs!   The details follow here in reverse chronological order.


Another episode of harassment from the disgusting SJW creeps on the Facebook staff.  Today an admin of our page was tormented with yet another 30 day time-out from friends, family and whomever else he made a habit of connecting via their unreliable website once called “platform.”  What’s the latest “offense?”  Apparently some inane grown child was triggered by his miserable performance in a debate… so our admin was reported for a polite post that mocked the projection that is so routine of the little Fascist Leftists that have also infiltrated the team of NPC’s that decide what follows vs. what “violates” their eternally changing and ambiguous “Terms of Service.”

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 11.36.03 AM
Seriously, that was it!  “I’d hazard a guess that I’ve paid in quite a bit more to your social services than you’ve paid.  But keep the #PROJECTIONS coming! #NAZIDEMS love those tactics!” 

projecting propaganda

zuckface censorship remove post make democrats look like idiots true fakenews

He had been back on FB with all the rich capabilities of

  • liking his own friend’s comments and posts
  • responding to former customer inquiries when they PM
  • placing video chats via messenger to friends in different countries
  • posting family pictures and videos to share with family and friends
  • participating in the discourse over the future of our country in debate groups
  • administering several of his own pages

…for all of 2 months and a few days after prior rounds of abuse by the tyrannical force set lose on the personal webpage previously known as “platform.”

And now it’s increasingly difficult to attend to administrative responsibility for pages with “high potential reach,” via alternate admin accounts.

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 2.30.43 PM

As of yesterday this absurd case was “under review,” but as of today, November 11, 2018, whatever human NPC on staff completed their “review” and marked it down as “case closed” for a “violation of terms of service.”

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 12.11.35 PM


Previously he was dabbling in a bit of debate in a closed group, and when the other party tapped out, he offered a cute little MEME accompanied with “OK, well have a nice #HUMPDAY!”

Nobody in this group would have been adequately thin skinned to take the innocent and silly MEME as some big offense, but apparently some FB staffer that must have won their job at Facebook through the old “drinking game” interview process featured on euphemistic view of Zucker’s history in The Network, had previously registered the “offending” MEME as “hate speech.”

So the FB thought policing automation kicked in and blocked the post, and presented a happy little notification to the same “hateful” originator. Screenshot_20180801-112740_Facebook
And of course that “hater” will be barred from posting, liking posts, commenting, wishing friends “Happy Birthdays,” sending or even responding to Private Messaging, administering and moderating his pages and debate groups for a period of no less than 30 days!  The prior 30 days were faithfully served out by having called a moron out as a “moron” in another closed group, and in this case the moron in question was adequately #TRIGGERED to submit a report to FB’s team of in-house #SJWs.

Why was THAT such a long time-out?  Well the same victim of “PC + Power” was treated to a 7 day sentence before that.  This one resulted from an “offense” of having posted a cute Seinfeld-style joke that was from several months prior to an earlier 3 day suspension.


facebook censored block on dixie chicks post 7 day freeze

So, after the prior 3 day jail matter, had he done nothing but praise Zuckerberg as the sacred lord of all that is right and righteous on the internet, the above land mine was already in the soil, making the next 7 day suspension a predetermined fate.

So, you might wonder what the 3 day #FBJAIL was all about.


In another debate group conversation, he had questioned the heterosexuality of AntiFa, by addressing them by the acronym for Fine American Gentlemen… (adding the “g” to the “Fa.”)

antifa gay



Now before the 3 day there was (as per the formula,) a one day sentence.  The inconvenience of a one day interruption didn’t make sufficient impression to even retrace the steps back to whatever fateful word choice, but if the suppressed memory can be retrieved, I’m sure it will be reported here in a future update.

With all this targeted harassment it’s a wonder how the #LIBTARDS wouldn’t be completely satisfied with Zuckerbergs efforts to censor conservative voices on a “platform” turned to “personal website.”  But obviously unhinged lunatics can never be appeased.





I suppose they believe that #JackolfTwitler still does a slightly better job of targeting conservatives for censorship to make things even more “fair” for the deeply libtarded with no arguments.



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Soros on Soros

July 25, 2018
Occupy Democrats Parody

Snopes and other liars of the left have been busy providing cover for the Elder Soros of their own MoveOn Cult as more have become aware of his early work experience.  At a time when most boys might hold a paper route, a young George Soros made rounds with his uncle as a NAZI apprentice.

What’s even more amazing is his own writings and interviews recall this as a “happy making, exhilarating experience.”

IMG_20161130_225911 happy making experience nazi soros

And here are more of his own words that place him at the scene.  Obviously he’s denying certain aspects, but it doesn’t take a PhD to perform the adequate measure of “reading between the lines” to get a pretty clear overall picture.

SOROS ON SOROS from snopes
This text was literally taken from Snope’s own excuse making portion of their article that declares the story of Soros’ own history as “False.”

And Snope’s overal “False” rating is defied by their own spin.

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Obama: “First Sitting American President to Come from Kenya”

July 24, 2018
Occupy Democrats Parody

The self described “citizen of the world” Obama doesn’t seem all that “offended” by being called out as “from Kenya.”  In the course of his cumbersome anti-American and self-aggrandizing speech, he took a moment to confirm what most Kenyans and all but the more inane of American liberals already knew:

Even without entertaining the absurd Hawaiian nativity narrative that contradicts Obama’s grandmother’s and own half-brother’s accounts, many on the “Big Island” should be more than willing to test this theory:

ODP MEME volcano obama hawaii

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The DeepState Takes Down SGTReport!

July 23, 2018
Updated July 26, 2018

Occupy Democrats Parody

SGTReport was among the finest and most useful channels on YouTube, and apparently their rational, calm and accurate description of the vile and desperate DeepState proved a real issue for the CIA controlled Google that has been actively suppressing the “you” in what used to be “YouTube.”

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 9.37.29 AM
Clearly the criminals are desperate.  But it doesn’t mean they aren’t dangerous, and their authority over our speech via CIA-Google’s control over YouTube is certainly troubling.

Their last presentation of facts is apparently still available here on BITCHUTE.


SGTReport has been reinstated thanks to a massive outcry by “white hats” on Social Media.  But many victims are still waiting for theirs.

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