Barbaric Hate Crimes in South Africa (Against Their Minority)

August 16, 2018
Occupy Democrats Parody

A country that celebrates “Kill the Boer” in national music can be counted on to treat their “white” minority populations with the utmost of respect.

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 10.57.12 PM
Or perhaps not.

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How to Obtain and Retain the Blue Checkmark on Twitter

June 21, 2018
Occupy Democrats Parody

While countless accounts are deleted on Twitter without warning, many who had qualified for, and been denied the coveted “blue checkmark,” it seems they’re handed out rather generously to accounts that not only defy the written version of Twitter’s “terms of service,” but that spew hatred towards children that couldn’t possibly be imagined as any form of legitimate “free speech.”

The insidious “activist” Peter Henry Fonda is certainly no exception.  He later feigned an “apology” for a tweet that literally incites violence against Trump’s sweet young son Barron to show how much he’s “cares” for and is otherwise “Fonda” the children.  He even went so far as to wish Swamp Hollywood’s pastime of pedophilia on Barron which was, in his subsequent “so sorry,” downplayed as a mere “vulgarity.”

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And as far as I can tell, his account which is Twitter verified and also followed by some of the most nefarious names inclusive of “meathead” Rob Reiner (@nobrainer) is still up, operating, and still adorned with the magical Twitter “blue checkmark” endorsement.

Well, at least we can guess why that checkmark is “blue.”  And I suppose now we know what kind of attitude and online conduct is required to convince @Jack we’re worthy of that coveted Twitter seal of approval.

easy rider peter fonda twitter twitler meme

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©2018 Occupy Democrats Parody

Joe McCarthy Fully Vindicated

June 12, 2018
Occupy Democrats Parody

For years McCarthy was a punching bag for the left who sneered and jeered about his big “witch hunt” to root out Communists infesting our own government.

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And of course today the sitting Communists in Sacramento have made it official.

Marxism: America’s Stage 4 Cancer

©2018 Occupy Democrats Parody


Destruction of Disney’s Art

June 12, 2018
Occupy Democrats Parody

Poor Walter must be rolling in his cryogenic chamber as his magical creations have again been subjected to defacement by the poor stewards who once again have proven themselves unfit curators of Disney’s art.

They closed the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction this past spring break to repaint Disney’s Mona Lisa with an apparent goal to remove any evidence that pirates once behaved nearly as poorly as ISIS did under the Obama administration.
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Penthouse Proclaims Stormy Daniels their “Pet of the Century” 51 Years Prematurely!

June 7, 2018
Updated June 13, 2018

Occupy Democrats Parody

The first Penthouse Pet graced pages of a 1969 issue.  And now the modern team responsible for Penthouse Magazine have jumped the gun with a severely premature announcement proclaiming their 2007 Pet of the Year Stormy Daniels as “Pet of the Century!”

Penthouse had never placed quite as much emphasis on personality, intelligence, integrity and sophistication that were often factored in among the special qualities that defined the more refined Playboy Magazine and their “Playmates. ” This was the Hugh Hefner publication that pioneered and ultimately paved the way for what began as a more daring and explicit alternative by Bob Guccione.

Still, elevating a woman so absent those “special qualities” serves as both an insult to all other past “Penthouse Pets” as well as an insult to more than 600 of the next 51 years worth of Pets inclusive of some who won’t even be born for another 33 years.

Some, including the sanctimonious Don Lemon (CNN) have criticized Giuliani for daring to connect Daniel’s otherwise well established absence of integrity to her career as “adult film star.”  I also find that somewhat objectionable since associating her utter lack of integrity and credibility to the many comparatively honest ladies that “work hard for their money” serves as insult to the whole profession.

Stormy should be measured more on her solicitation of ransom to keep just the one gaping hole shut, and then proving that she can’t even be trusted to exhibit a professional response to her own arrangement.  What’s more she seems prepared to lie about even the smallest details of her range of on-camera activities as she clearly had in her exchange with Roseanne Barr that YouPorn has proven, rather explicitly, completely false.

Add this latest “honor” by Penthouse to the LA Mayor having recently offered Ms. Daniels  the “Key to the City” and we have to wonder if this oozing praise has more to do with political leanings than any more realistic measure of her worth.  But we do know it’s becoming increasingly hard for Stormy to make a case that any damage to her “reputation” has been a cause of economic hardship.


Democrats’ Selective Moral Outrage

©2018 Occupy Democrats Parody

Don Lemon Joins #WHORES4HILLARY in Defending the “Honor” and “Integrity” of Stormy Daniels to Hilarious Effect!

June 7, 2018

Occupy Democrats Parody

Stormy’s credibility problem isn’t strictly based on her profession. Soliciting and receiving a ransom to keep just the one gaping hole shut, and then failing to demonstrate any professionalism on THAT commitment takes care of any benefit of doubt she might otherwise be given as an otherwise lowly #WHORE4HILLARY.

But of course that doesn’t stop Don Lemon and a parade of #LIBTWITS from feigning outrage over the daring questions of Daniel’s “reputation” by the great Rudy Giuliani!

In addition to violating the terms of her own ransom, the left’s new idol Daniels tells wild lies of all sorts.  And if there’s anything wrong with the Rudy’s comments, it’s to have lumped in so many comparatively honest prostitutes with the likes of this particularly vile and dishonest #WHORE4HILLARY Daniels.

I personally encountered an example on Twitter where Stormy was battling with Roseanne Barr on Barr’s accurate comment about her range of performances for the camera.  Stormy angrily tweeted that she “does not do anal!”
Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 11.53.30 AM

At the time that seemed to be a possible case of Stormy correcting Roseanne on a minor technicality, but then subsequent research on a male entertainment site offered compelling evidence that she lied even about that!


Penthouse Prematurely Proclaims Stormy Daniels Pet of the Century

©2018 Occupy Democrats Parody

“WhiteBoy” Takes on Racial Collectivism in Rhymes

June 5, 2018
Updated June 14, 2018

Occupy Democrats Parody

Tom MacDonald takes on the emerging anti-White hatred with style and production value in a new Hip Hop music video, “White Boy.”  Some of the alt-left don’t like it, but we hereby officially offer our thumbs up.

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